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Birds In Row + The Prestige + Joliette @ La Kalaka


Birds In Row + The Prestige + Joliette @ La Kalaka

Birds in row (FR)

The Prestige (FR)

Joliette (PUE/DF)

Malastare (GDL)

La Kalaka BAR, Viernes 12 de Febrero, 2016
$70 peso, 9pm PUNTUAL

Fvimos Héroes presenta, Panda Collective y Richy Bebé invitan.

Birds In Row

Birds in Row is a French hardcore punk band that formed in 2009 and is composed of three unnamed members. The band signed to Deathwish Inc. in 2011 and released their debut album You, Me & the Violence in 2012. Their lyrics are in English.

Birds in Row formed in Laval, France in 2009. Two of the members formed Birds in Row one week after their previous band split up, and recorded their first song one week after that.[2] The group chose the name because birds are able to fly around freely, however, “they very often decide to fly as a group or land on wires in a row. So, this for us represents how people could chose to be free, but always end up following their fellows to feel comfortable.”[3] They chose the name ‘Birds in Row’ over ‘Birds in a Row’ because it sounded better to the group.[2][3] They also chose to sing in English because they, “wanted to be understood by most of the people.”[4]

The band’s earliest releases include 2009’s Rise of the Phoenix and 2010’s Cottbus, two EPs released through Vitriol Records.[2][5]Birds in Row had begun writing their debut album in late 2011.[2] Deathwish Inc. showed interest in reissuing their Cottbus EP, but the band offered the album they had been working on the time instead.[4] Birds in Row’s signing was announced in November 2011,[5] and they finished recording their debut album by January 2012.[6] Also in January 2012, Vitriol reissued the group’s early EPs as a compilation titled Collected.[7]

Birds in Row toured the United States with Loma Prieta in March 2012[8] and with Touché Amoré, Defeater and Code Orange Kids in April 2013.[9] A music video for the song “Pilori” was released in June 2012,[10] and Birds in Row’s debut album You, Me & the Violence was released on September 4, 2012.[11] Also in 2012, the band toured Europe withConverge and Rise and Fall in August,[12] and the UK in December.[13] Along with Glass Cloud and Rebuker, Birds in Row opened for The Chariot during their final tour in October/November 2013.[14]

In 2014, the Birds in Row posted a Facebook update explaining that the band had broken up, only to delete the post shortly after leading to confusion about the state of the band. They released a follow-up statement that explained Birds in Row was going through some changes and had not broken up.[15] Birds in Row later elaborated that the band was going through a “pretty brutal” line-up change.[16] Citing both an interest in learning to perform together with the new line-up and wanting to pay tribute to the people and labels who helped them achieve their level of success, the band decided to release a series of EPs and split releases in lieu of full-length follow-up to You, Me & the Violence.[16][17] Among these releases includes the EP Personal War to be released through Deathwish[18] and a split release with WAITC — who are also from Laval, France — to be released through the French label Throatruiner Records.[19]

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